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Meet the Kippin Family


Meet the Kippin Family is a resource material with ideas and materials for fun and engaging language activities for a whole year!

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Ideas and materials for fun and engaging language activities for a whole year!

In almost every daycare group there are children who need extra support with their communication and language development. Supporting these children can be a difficult task for the professionals due to lack of time and limited resources. Finding time to make new material for language learning sessions can be difficult and coming up with new ideas even more challenging.

The Kippin Family -products have been designed to help professionals tackle these issues as they include ready-made material and activities that can be taken into use right away. Most importantly, through using the Kippin Family -resource you can enable participation for every child – regardless of their language skills. The resource can be used with a group of children or individually with just one child.

Meet the Kippin Family resource revolves around the Kippin Family and their daily life. Through playful and engaging activities children will learn daily words and can practice both sentence construction as well as narration skills without feeling drilled. The Kippin resource comes with a manual that includes 13 different activities to support language acquisition, teach new vocabulary and help with sentence production.

Meet the Kippin Family is intended to be used under direct adult supervision. The product includes small parts which cannot be used with under 3-year-old children.