Communication is a basic human right. However, there are many people that have complex communication needs and who cannot communicate with speech alone. Kippin House’s mission is to help these people to participate fully and we are here to help you do the same!

Kippin House offers training and workshops on how to support people with complex communication needs with the help of AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). Our workshops will inspire and broaden your knowledge through practical information and theory. The most powerful workshops are the ones where you get both information and material, so that you can utilize your newly acquired knowledge immediately. We always tailor our workshops to fit the needs of our clients! Workshops can be held in Finnish, English and Swedish.

Maximizing play to spark children’s language and communicatIon

Children explore the world and learn new things through play. Therefore, using play is one of the most valuable tools we have in early education. How do we then utilize the power of play in order to support language development? That is one of the most important question that professionals will get the answer to in this workshop.

Professionals will get in depth knowledge on children’s language development and play, making it easier for them to support children’s language skills.

  • Plenty of ideas on how to support children’s language development through play
  • Videos and hands-on practice on how to plan a language development sessions
  • Learn how to incorporate AAC (especially picture communication and support signs) in play situations in order to help children understand, express themselves and participate
  • Ready-made material that you can take into use the next day

Helping children learn a second language at daycare

Many countries have gotten more and more multicultural in the 21st century and it is not uncommon that there are many children who are learning a second language when they start attending daycare. E.g. in Finland the amount of multicultural children has doubled during the last 10 years, which means that the role of early education is even more important. Children need to get a good language foundation in daycare to enable future learning later on in school. How can daycare personnel best support children who are learning their second language in daycare? In this workshop professionals will get information on how to support second language learners and what to do with a child who has difficulty learning their second language.

Professionals will get information on what the can do as an early education specialist to enable participation, support language development and help the children learn in a fun and inspiring way.


  • Information on children’s language development and second language learning
  • Ideas on how you can support children learning a second language
  • Learn how to incorporate AAC (especially picture communication and support signs) to support these children’s participation and language development
  • Ready-made material that you can take in use the next day

Boost children’s language development with the Kippin Family resource material

In almost every daycare group there are children who need extra support in their communication and language development. Supporting these children can be a difficult task for the daycare personnel due to lack of time and limited resources. Finding time to make new material for language learning sessions can be difficult and coming up with new ideas even more difficult. If a professional is experiencing any of these challenges, this workshop is the right fit for them!  Through this workshop professionals will get both ready-made material and a lot of fresh ideas for them to take into use in early education sessions.

  • Learn about the theory behind the Meet the Kippin Family resource material
  • Get familiar with the content of the resource material
  • Learn how AAC and especially pictures can be used to support communication and language development
  • Learn how to support children’s participation in different activities so that all children have an equal possibility to participate
  • Get a material that is ready to be used with almost no preparation and provides you with ideas and activities to last a whole year!

Kippin House also offers workshops in the following themes

  • Use of core vocabulary to support children’s language development
  • The design and use of robust communication aids to ensure participation for everyone

Upcoming workshops:

Billy Ogletree - Encouraging Communication and Language from Autistic Children and Others with Minimal Verbal Abilities workshop in Helsinki on June 6-7, 2024!

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The price of the training is 744 € for in-person participants and 682 € for remote participants.

All prices include VAT 24 %