The Kippin Family

Functional and versatile tools save professionals time and money

Many professionals struggle with the lack of time and resources to make material that develop children’s communication and language skills. The Kippin Family products help with this challenge. They are designed to help professionals plan engaging activities for children while they can learn new skills, have fun with others and participate regardless of their language ability. The Kippin Family products are especially effective for children who are learning a second language.


Meet the Kippin Family is a fun and activating resource material to support communication and language development.

Having fun with the Kippin Family

An add-on part for Meet the Kippin Family. Six new illustrations with PCS symbols, communication boards and narration cards. More information soon!


The Kippin Family out and about

The Kippin family is going to town! The practice material is moving on from daily vocabulary to concept words and narration. More information soon!